Hastings, UK



Noodle was born in Romania, in a small town called Drobeta Turnu-Severin. Unaware of the road dangers, she ventured into a busy street and sadly got severely hit by a car. Two kind ladies saw the accident, did their best to improvise a bandage and rushed her to the vets. When they found out how much the surgeries to fix her leg would cost, they humbly apologised and said they did not have that much money. The vet sent them out right away. The ladies, unsure of what to do, took Noodles to the local pound - sadly they could not have chosen a more horrific place, our public shelter is a concentration camp. Our rescuers rushed to pull her out the moment they found out. Noodle received the medical care she needed, the vet managed to save her leg, but not in the perfect, fairy tale manner. Maybe you would think that this would put people off from adopting her... Well Noodle has got a perfect home, surrounded by love, warmth and friends. Noodle received the best gift there is - safety, peace of mind, cuddles non stop! When you see a dog with less chances of being adopted because of a slight disability, please think of Noodle - she does not know or care that her leg is dodgy, she runs and leaps flawlessly, making everyone around her smile. Noodle wishes that all cats and dogs who have been found in a similar situation get their forever homes, but for the moment she promises to be a very good sister for any foster pet coming in the house!

Cooper was born on the streets of Drobeta Turnu-Severin, a small town in Romania. His mum was feral, lived on a field with her puppies. One day a different pack of dogs attacked the family over territory and food, killed the mother and all of Cooper's siblings. Cooper had his throat badly damaged as a consequence of the attack and was unable to breathe properly. Our rescuer found him in the field where she normally feeds the strays, Cooper received medical care and had surgery to restore the trachea which left him with a very weird bark. Needless to say Cooper was traumatised. Even so - he got his forever chance at life! He came into foster where he was socialised and helped to gain trust in people and now he has a fantastic forever home who work with him everyday to offer him the best life, Don't be scared of a traumatised dog, they are more terrified than they can possibly comprehend, they need us to guide them towards the light, towards the right path. We cannot give up on them, we cannot just leave them in darkness, we must take a deep breath and hep them show their true personality! We must help them have a happy ending, just like Cooper!

Rufus was born on the streets of a small town in Romania, Drobeta Turnu-Severin. Our rescuer heard nerve wrecking screams, she saw a group of kids kicking Rufus, laughing: "Pass me the foot ball!". In a split second, Rufus managed to get away from the kids and run straight into the busy traffic, in a split second our rescuer had jumped on him to save his life. Despite his past, Rufus is a very loving dog and lives life to the fullest in Hastings in his forever home! I am not sure how many of us would have forgiven such cruel behaviour, but Rufus did - and he got his forever reward! No matter the story - all rescue animals deserve a chance! We should not pity them for their story, we should clap as they are still alive!

Rex was born in Cyprus and DALI RESCUE did their very best to rehome this elderly Lab. He found a great home in the UK, unfortunately it did not work out, so we brought him to Hastings in foster care to try and find him another great home. Meanwhile Rex settled, but he also developed health problems due to his age - cataracts (which increased his dog reactivity on lead), arthritis, possibly diabetes. His foster mum felt that he should be going nowhere so he stayed with her! Please consider offering a chance to a special needs dog! Rex only needed a couch to lay his head on and cuddles every day... and he is now grateful forever!

Zorro is, in other words, a very luck Romanian rescue dog. He was born from an old and sick GSD mum who had been thrown out by her owner. Some of his siblings sadly passed away not long after birth, the others have been adopted. But for 4 long years Zorro could not get adopted due to either being " too big", "a GSD mix", "a black dog", he looked scary to most people. We knew he was a soft teddy bear, so we brought him to the UK in foster care when we had the opportunity. Not long after, he met his perfect, forever family who have seen the gentleness and love in him. Offer a chance to a dog who is otherwise overlooked due to reasons which he cannot have control over! They will be grateful and cherish you forever!

Tigerlilly was born feral, in Drobeta Turnu-Severin, a small town in Romania. As a kitten, she had survived hiding under a garbage bin and eating leftovers. She caught a bad cold one day and, left untreated, had turned into a life-threatening condition. When our rescuer arrived to pick her up, it smelt like death, and the only reason why Tigerlilly was easy to catch was simply because she could not hear anything (pus filled her ears), she could not see anything (pus filled her eyes), she could not smell anything (pus filled her nose), she could not breathe properly and could not move due to weakness. It took a lot of medical attention and a lot of interaction to help her body and mind. However Tigerlilly made an excellent recovery and is now happily adopted in the UK, being naughty and loving each day of her life! Always give a chance to the ones who seem lost, ready to give up, there is never too late to try to turn things back round, you never know if a miracle awaits if you just believe in the power of kindness!

Cameron was born in Cyprus and ended up in the local pound for some reason. Our wonderful buddy-rescue DALI ORGANIZED GROUP saved him, trained him and turned him into a perfect boy. He came to the UK to see what the chances looked like for him and he found heaven - he was shortly adopted by a fantastic couple with a girly Chihuahua named Luna who is now Cameron's best friend. Cameron travels everywhere and is the happiest boy in the world. It's all worth it. Please consider adding a rescue dog to your family and offering them the chance that others have denied!

Dexter is a wonderful boy who was born in Cyprus, was brought to the pound with a horrible wound to his neck, but he was thankfully rescued by our wonderful buddy-rescue DALI ORGANIZED GROUP. He was still ever so friendly! He travelled to the UK for training purposes (as he was quite a handful!) and wasted no time in finding the best home ever in Suffolk! His forever family, including his sister Hattie the Jack Russell, have lovingly welcomed him in their home, fulfilling each other's days with smiles and joy! Please consider adopting an active, young dog like Dexter if you are up for the challenge! We, as a rescue, will never turn down a dog based on their needs, so we're waiting for a person to be just as brave as we are!



Letty (Romania) was bought as a toy for a child. When Letty grew up, she became so cute that the child wanted more "Letty"s. Therefore the parents bred her over and over again so that their child can play with puppies whom they would soon enough sell. One day Letty unfortunately killed one of the family's chicken. The father became outraged, wanted to beat Letty to teach her a lesson. One of our rescuers, seeing this was no life for Letty, talked he man into surrendering her to us. Not long afterwards, Letty was enjoying a great life in the UK where she is very happy to this day! Life is very unfair for these poor sous, we can make a difference!


Fini was born on the streets of Drobeta Turnu-Severin, a small town in Romania. For years I have been feeding her. For years I have loved her. For years I had hoped that she would eventually have a happy life and never spend one more night in the cold. It did happen - Fini is now adopted in Germany and has an amazing life! She may not be a breed cat, she may not be the youngest, she may not be the healthiest (FIV+), she may not be the most well behaved (not keen on other cats), but she found her happy ever after! Every little soul deserves a chance!